Spring is upon us and that usually means another season is here as well. MUSIC FESTIVAL SEASON! From my excessive use of caps lock, you would swear that I was going to Coachella or something. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to travel and experience something that is no doubt on my "Before I Turn 30" list. Pity not! It will happen eventually. Not all hope is lost for this year though. 
My favorite clothing store FOREVER 21 is giving away a MUSIC FESTIVAL GETAWAY! Forever 21 scored even more points in my book because they actually acknowledge the United States of the Virgin Islands as part of the United States of America by making us eligible for the giveaway.  I just had to spell everything out because a lot of US companies either ignore the USVI all together or consider us to be in the "International" category. So it's so refreshing to know that we're not completely invisible! Anyways, I digress.

All the details on how to enter are in the link above, but I wanted to share with you all my Pinterest board entry for the giveaway. 
Here are 21 items I would bring along if I were to ever go to a music festival this year. A lot of the pieces can be mix and matched into so many different looks! My style is definitely comfy casual, but you better trust and believe that a whole bucket of dark and edginess is mixed all up in there too.

Be inspired! Xoxo
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