Toni Daley's "The Big Chop" Natural Hair Wig - 1st Impressions Review

I love, love, LOVE tapered cuts, but I have a serious case of style remorse. I love to change up my look from time to time, so cutting my hair to shorter lengths isn't quite ideal.  However Toni Daley, a kinky natural hair vlogger and advocate of supporting black owned business (#SUPPORTASISTA), has changed all that. You see Toni also owns a small business of her own in which she sells earrings, hair tube wraps, and wigs designed to blend with type 4, kinky naturalistas. 

I snatched on of her latest wigs called "The Big Chop" which gives me all the kinky hair in a tapered cut life I need. I placed my order and received my wig within a week. So I just had to try it on! 

Check out 1st impression of Toni Daley's "The Big Chop"wig in the video below! Also feel free to get more specific details on The Big Chop wig and all of Toni's amazing wigs on her website

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